Update for System Center Configuration Manager version 1702, first wave is now available

Administrators who opted in to the first (early) wave deployment for System Center Configuration Manager current branch, version 1702, have an update available in the Updates and Servicing node of the Configuration Manager console. This update, made available on April 13, 2017, addresses important late-breaking issues that were discovered during the final release process for version 1702. This update does not apply to sites that update or install a copy of version 1702 that was downloaded after April 5, 2017.

For more information, including the issues fixed, please see the following:

4018732Update for System Center Configuration Manager version 1702, first wave (https://support.microsoft.com/kb/4018732)

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  1. We installed 1702 on April 14. According to KB4018732 we should be fine because we installed after April 4 but our GUID on the update package doesn’t match any mentioned at the bottom of the article. Our GUID is E0DF5BB8-B4C8-4553-9B55-133E36536A35. I guess if the update doesn’t appear in Updates and Servicing then we’re fine right?

    1. Hello Cristopher_WPU

      You are fine. The package GUIDs listed in the KB article are only those for the first wave customers who ran the opt-in PowerShell script. If you did not run the PowerShell script, but waited until 1702 appeared in your console then your package GUID will be different than those for the first wave.


      1. Thanks for the clarification!

  2. Tof006 says:

    Hi Yvette,
    I’m having a problem with this KB.
    It’s listed in the Updates and Servicing tab with the state Available to download but, when I right click on it, every option is grayed and I cannot initiate a download.
    Our GUID is 2DC025B9-AF2F-A477-33F19C16C14C so we are entitled for this KB but I don’t know what to do here.
    I’ve tried rebooting the server but no luck.
    Can you assist me here ?

    1. Hello Tof006

      Try Check for Updates, wait at least 10 minutes and then try Download Update. You may need to do Check for Updates twice. You can see the flow of events here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/servers/manage/download-updates-flowchart. If that still does not work, report the issue on Connect and provide the DMPdownloader.log, hman.log and ConfigMgrSetup.log.


      1. Tof006 says:

        Hello Yvette,
        I’ve already tried the Check for Updates 10 times but nothing has changed to date.
        I’ll check this flowchart and probably will provide these logs.
        Thanks again for your reply

        1. _nilsson_ says:

          We’re having the same problem here, did you find a solution?


      2. Tof006 says:

        Hi Yvette,
        I’ve submitted this issue on Connect

        1. Hello Tof006. I’m unable to find it. Can you give me the feedback ID.


          1. Tof006 says:

            @Yvette : My post disappeared.
            @ixat : I followed the flowchart posted by Yvette and I took the package on another server I have on which everything went well, copied it in the inboxes directory then it was seen by my server and I was able to install it.
            I’ll check if I can find the directory I zipped and will post it in order to help you.

          2. Hi Tof006, we had some problems with Connect last week but its corrected and I’ve found the report you submitted. Thanks, it will help us figure out what caused the download issues you experienced. You should be able to see it #3132867.

        2. ixat says:

          Did you ever get this resolved? Having the problem on two different servers.

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