Finding site systems on unsupported OSes

As previously announced, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 are not supported operating systems for a site server or most site system roles in Configuration Manager current branch version 1702.  You will not be able to upgrade to this version of Configuration Manager if there are site system roles running on Windows Server 2008 in your hierarchy.

To assist you with lifecycle and upgrade planning we have provided a sample SQL script that will help identify the site systems associated with the current site that are running on an unsupported operating system.  We suggest running the script for the following scenarios:

  • Prior to starting the upgrade to Configuration Manager current branch version 1702 to identify machines which may potentially block setup. The script should be run individually on the CAS and all the primary site servers.
  • During the upgrade process after running the pre-req checker if you have received the unsupported OS warning or failure. You can run the script on the SQL Server of the site that received the warning or failure to help identify specific machines that are causing the pre-req check notifications.

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