Anti-malware Platform Support

Applies to: System Center Endpoint Protection (All Versions), Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010

Microsoft plans to release anti-malware platform updates once or twice per year through Microsoft Update (MU) to down-level operating systems (e.g. Windows 8.1 and below) running SCEP or FEP. Customers must stay current with the latest anti-malware platform update to be fully supported. Our support structure is now dynamic, evolving into two phases depending on the availability of the latest platform version.

  • Security and Critical Updates servicing phase - When running the latest anti-malware version, you will be eligible to receive both Security and Critical updates to the anti-malware platform.
  • Technical Support (Only) phase - After a new platform version is released, support for older versions (N-2) will reduce to technical support only. Platform versions older than N-2 will no longer be supported.*

*Technical support will continue to be provided for upgrades from the baseline version to the latest platform version.

NOTE: The platform updates for SCEP and FEP are published as follows: Category: Critical Updates, Product: Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010. Version 4.7 is the current baseline version for SCEP and FEP. Special MU detection logic and applicability rules are used to upgrade the baseline version directly to the latest platform version.

During the technical support (only) phase, commercially reasonable support incidents will be provided through Microsoft Customer Service & Support and Microsoft’s managed support offerings (such as Premier Support). If a support incident requires escalation to development for further guidance, requires a non-security update, or requires a security update, customers will be asked to upgrade to the latest platform version.

The version history table below will be updated as new platform updates are released.

(Platform versions older than N-2 are no longer supported.)

Version Availability Date Support Phase
4.7 (baseline) February, 2015 Technical Support (Only) for upgrades to the latest platform version
4.8 May, 2015 Technical Support (Only)
4.9 April, 2016 Technical Support (Only)
4.10 October, 2016 Security and Critical Updates


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  1. Kris Titeca says:

    Hi Yvette,

    Great article but why does SCCM not contain the latest version in the client installation folder? And why can’t I download the latest version myself to update the client package?

    If I look at all the KB’s released I get really confused. The latest one is only for Windows 10, so what version do I now need to deploy when I install a new client? Or does it depend which OS?

    Some clarity would help and it would also make everyone’s life much easier if these updates come with the SCCM updates. As today you first need to deploy an old version which you then need to upgrade using WSUS. Not an ideal situation I would say.

    Hopefully you can provide some additional information on that.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hello Kris

      Shipping updates to the anti-malware platform through MU allows us to release them more frequently and on a different schedule than Configuration Manager CUs and updates. This article ( has some background information. If you have version 4.7 or higher of the anti-malware protection client, (shipped with the latest versions of Configuration Manager) then you’ll be able to update directly to the latest anti-malware protection update.

      The latest KBs are version KB3209361 for downlevel Windows and KB4010105 for Windows 10. They are the same update. If you have a mixed Windows version environment you should approve them both. The Windows 10 KB is a one-off. Generally the anti-malware platform for Windows 10 is updated with the Windows 10 updates. This KB is for the managebility component.

      I hope this helps,

  2. Oliver says:


    as Kris said , some clarification is much appreciated and updating the sccm client sources would indeed be very helpfull.

    1. Hi Oliver, please see my reply to Kris.


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