Now Available: Interoperability update for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager version 1610

An update is available to address important upgrade-related issues for System Center Configuration Manager current branch, version 1610. The issues described in the article below apply only to sites that were upgraded to version 1610 before December 20, 2016. The fixes for these issues are incorporated into the builds of version 1610 that are available from December 20, 2016 onward.

3124042 - Interoperability update for System Center Configuration Manager version 1610 (

J.C. Hornbeck, Solution Asset PM
Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Group

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  1. Jeremy Herbison says:

    The hotfix is listed in the console as KB3214042, and has a non-working link. Sounds like the correct link is for KB3124042. Not sure which is “correct”…

  2. KB3124042 shows up as KB3214042 in the Admin console. Typo?


    Just a note. The Information in the ‘Summary’ in SCCM 2012 1610 lists the latest patch with a transposed KB#. The summary tab says KB3214042. However, the actual KB is 3124042. So the true link to get correct information on the latest SCCM Hotfixi is

  4. DarkPh30n1x says:

    The Summary Screen when you select this update within SCCM 2012 1610 lists the KB article for this hotfix as

    However as per this article itself the link is

    This caused me much digging that I had to do to actually find this article as I had to start by looking for the CB 1610 page, then any available hotfixes released in recent days. That is when I found this article which actually indicated what was updated in this hotfix, and at that time I also realized the numbers that were transposed. If there is anyway to get this reported so that other users may not have the same referrential issue. My hope is also that by adding this comment it will help those who go to the wrong link find the right link via google.


  5. SimonePS says:

    That’s a pity that the update itself cannot take care of this issue 🙁 I was hoping this patch could force a reset of the CCM cache folder.
    •After clients upgrade to Configuration Manager, version 1610, the contents of the CCM Cache folder (%windir%\ccmcache by default) are orphaned. Although the files are still present on disk, they are not available for application installations and will not be managed or deleted by the client.
    Installing this update prevents the cache issue on future client upgrades. Previously upgraded clients will redownload applicable content, and any expired content can be manually deleted as needed.

  6. Roman says:


    Can you give us more information on required cleanup for the cache to return to a normal status? I have installed the hotfix and only looked at the cache folders on clients since then, since I was not aware of any issue before. The hotfix does not seem to do anything to the Clients so I assume manual (scripted) cleanup is required.
    I compared the contents of the ccmcache with the referenced CacheInfoEx items from root\ccm\SoftMgmtAgent and most clients have lots of content that does not exist as an CacheInfoEx. Also the size of the folder does not match what you get from the comobject “UIResource.UIResourceMgr” via GetCacheInfo().
    I do not know if that is normal or not, but I also found a lot of systems where the ccmcache folder has grown beyond the set limit…
    I am no expert on the ccmcache since so far I didn’t need to look into it. Can you clarify if manual cleanup is needed and if yes, in what way? Because running the normal clean method on the controlpanel or comobject does not seem to work.

    Also I noticed that Just now the KB article has gone offline! What is up with that?
    I get this:

    Try searching for what you need
    This page doesn’t exist.
    CV: 8wqxZ5ZePHAhY1Gr.0

    1. mr5h says:

      Hi, do we need to do a retrospective cleanup of the ccmcache folder or is the patch good enough please?

  7. Jackie Almond says:

    I attempted today to install this hotfix. Installation is hung, with a compilation error, shown below.

    INFO: CompileMOFFile: Starting to compile MOF F:\SCCM2012\bin\x64\TaskSequenceProvider.mof $$
    ERROR: CompileMOFFile: Failed to compile MOF F:\SCCM2012\bin\x64\TaskSequenceProvider.mof, error -2147205090 $$

    How do I cancel the update?

    1. Jackie Almond says:

      Error is in CMUPDATE.LOG

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