Important note on Deploying Down Level Windows Updates with Microsoft Configuration Manager 2007

As you’re probably already aware, in October we announced a new simplified servicing model, where on the 2ndTuesday of each month you will see a new Security Monthly Quality Rollup as well as a new Security Only Quality Update. Because the Security Monthly Quality Rollup contains the same security fixes as the Security Only Quality Update, as well as all fixes from previous monthly rollups and Security Only Quality Updates, there is a supersedence relationship between these updates, and this relationship was described in this post.

However, please note that for December, the Monthly Rollup will not supersede the Security Only update of the same month, nor will it supersede the Security Only update of previous months. Customers using Configuration Manager 2007 will see both updates available to them for deployment (as seen in October), and can deploy the update of their choice using the Software Update Management functionality. In the absence of supersedence, the December Security Only update has installation applicability logic to not install if the Monthly Rollup is installed. This alleviates the impact Monthly Rollup customers observed in October, when the Security Only update would still be installable and show as missing or required in certain compliance tools. Now, customers of the December Monthly Rollup will not see the December Security Only update as missing or required.

Also, with the release of the December updates on Patch Tuesday (12/13), we also revised the following updates:

  • The November Security Only Quality Update
  • The November Security Monthly Quality Rollup
  • The October Security Only Quality Update.

These updates have been rereleased to leverage the same new logic as in the December updates, without supersedence between the Monthly Rollups and the Security Only updates. With this rerelease, customers who have yet to deploy an earlier Security Only update will gain the benefit of it not being superseded.  Additionally, customers of the Monthly Rollups will continue to benefit from the Security Only updates not being installable or flagged as missing.

J.C. Hornbeck, Solution Asset PM
Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Group

Comments (2)
  1. Thorsten Lau says:

    Hey J.C.,
    happy to see that the problem has now been solved that way.
    No more than 37 Security-Only Updates following for Win7, anyway, if I count correctly.
    Just, if anyone really likes to stick to it 🙂

  2. jobc says:

    To whomever it may concern at MS. This is a good solution to the supersedence problem for us. Also, this is one of the best documentation writers we have seen in recent months. It is logical and covers the problem, it’s history, and the solution. Please have the person responsible train your other people responsible for writing documentation.

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