HOTFIX: Devices enrolled in Mobile Device Management may be incorrectly decommissioned in System Center Configuration Manager

If you’re using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager current branch, Heartbeat Discovery Data Records (DDRs) sent by devices enrolled in mobile device management may not be processed on the site server. When this occurs, errors that resemble the following are recorded in the DDM.log file on the site server and the DDR file is rejected:

CDiscoveryPropertyBase::Validate - Property has no name
CDiscoveryItem::ParseMem - Property "" is invalid.
CDiscoverDataManager::GetItem - parsing failed. Bad DDR
Moving bad file {DDR_filename}.DDR to {SMS_Install_directory}\inboxes\auth\\BAD_DDRS\{DDR_filename}.DDR.
CDiscoverDataManager::ProcessDDRs_PS - Moved bad DDR

This issue can cause the decommissioning of the enrolled device if the Delete Aged Enrolled Devices maintenance task is enabled and no other discovery data for the managed device is sent within the threshold defined.

For the latest information regarding this issue as well as how to obtain and install the hotfix, please see the following:

3202796 - Devices enrolled in Mobile Device Management are incorrectly decommissioned in System Center Configuration Manager (

J.C. Hornbeck, Solution Asset PM
Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Group

Comments (7)
  1. Ralf says:

    After installing the Patch, CCMEXEC crashes app. every 30 minutes with Event 1104 “SMS Executive detected that this component stopped unexpectedly.”. An uninstallation does not seem to be prossible.

    1. Ralf says:

      Sorry – it is the component SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER that crashes and not CCMEXEC.

  2. Jeff R. says:

    Was this re-release?. Installed on 11/14 and this morning, 11/16, it shows a second time as available. First instance shows release date of 11/14/2016 2:19 PM and second shows 11/14/2016 8:50 PM.

    1. Matt S. says:

      Ditto here.

  3. Michael says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Details on the Re-Release in the “More Infromation” Section:

  4. Today we have that update twice in our environment
    hotfix KB3202796

    our environment is a version 1606
    site v: 5.0.8412.1000
    console v:5.0.8412.1307

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