HOTFIX: ConfigMgr 1511 cannot connect to a SQL server that has the Service Connection Point role installed

If you find that your System Center Configuration Manager 1511 site server can't connect to your SQL server, check for entries that resemble the following in both the smsexec.log and hman.log files on the site server:

*** [08001][2][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server [2].
*** [HYT00][0][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Login timeout expired
*** [08001][2][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]A network-related or instance-specific error has occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. Server is not found or not accessible. Check if instance name is correct and if SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. For more information see SQL Server Books Online.
*** Failed to connect to the SQL Server, connection type: SMS ACCESS.

This issue usually occurs when the following conditions are true:

  • The site server database is configured to communicate using a named instance of SQL server and a custom port.
  • The "Service Connection Point" role is installed on the same computer that's running SQL Server.

If you experience this with ConfigMgr 1511, we have a new hotfix available to correct the problem. For complete details please see the following Knowledge Base article:

3145401 - Service connection point does not connect in System Center Configuration Manager (

J.C. Hornbeck, Solution Asset PM
Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Group

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