HOTFIX: Application installation fails from the Company Portal in Microsoft ConfigMgr 2012

Here’s some quick info on a new hotfix we released. The issue is that when attempting to install an application from the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Company Portal to a device, the install fails and logs errors similar to the following in the outgoingcontentmanager.log file on the site server:

Get SAS on Intune package XXX011D6 Intune Id {guid}/file_name

ERROR: Failed to get SAS location for package_id as result is empty

ERROR: Caught exception in GetSasUrl for package package_id: System.InvalidOperationException - Failed to upload as result is empty.

The problem occurs if the site administrator has tried to redistribute the application to a distribution point or has tried to refresh the content. In this scenario, the outgoing content manager component uploads the already uploaded content by using the same SHA value that was previously computed based on the file name, thus the redistribution fails. The redistribution process also removes the data from the MDM Content table in the Configuration Manager site database and replicates the deletion to Microsoft Intune.

A supported hotfix is available from Microsoft that addresses this problem. For complete details and a download link, please see the following:

3123884 - Application installation fails from the Company Portal in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (

J.C. Hornbeck | Solution Asset PM | Microsoft


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