Support Tip: ConfigMgr collections update slowly or not at all

~ Roberto Rodriguez

ToolsHi everyone Roberto Rodriguez here with a Configuration Manager support tip for you. If you find that your System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (ConfigMgr 2007) or System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr 2012) collections are updating slowly or  maybe even not updating at all, take a look at your colleval.log file. You may find that there are many entries such as ‘Collection MSO00088 cannot be found’ prompting ‘Failed to manage all files in inbox’ alerts. Here’s an example from a case I recently saw:


One possible cause for this is if the collection referenced was deleted shortly after being created or updated, but SMS SQL Monitor and SMS Collection Evaluator processed the create or update file out of sequence. This might happen if when the collection was deleted there was a backlog on the collection evaluator or it was stopped and thus not able to process the file at that time.

To fix this, check and see if the .udc file mentioned is in the like it is in the screen shot below.


If this file exists and you no longer need this update, simply move the file to a temp location and delete it.  The alert should be resolved after completion of the next scheduled processing cycle once this is done.

Roberto Rodriguez | Premier Field Engineer | Microsoft

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Comments (8)
  1. ebog says:

    I also encountered the same problem like you mentioned, it’s very difficult to be able to recreate them. Really thank this information from you, hope to share more of from you. Thank you!

  2. Jason Sypkens says:

    We were having this issue as well. Thanks for the info!
    We also have set up an alert to fire if there’s a file in the COLLEVAL inbox that’s older than 1 day, so we can be proactive about removing stuck collections. Hopefully this is something Microsoft can handle better with a future update.

  3. Ah, this helped me speed up the collection updates a bit. Great, thanks!

  4. Mikw says:

    Thanks a lot for the tip! Found such an issue in our infra. Just one correction: the exact message seen in the log is not "Collection MSO00088 cannot be found", but "Collection MSO00088 not found." I initially searched for "cannot be found" string & search
    didn’t return anything, so someone else could be also mistaken.

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  8. Summers says:

    Helpful post! Thank you. It resolved our issue quickly. Another yes to Microsoft needing to fix this issue.

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