Support Tip: Successful deployment of Windows Updates do not appear in Software Center in ConfigMgr 2012

~ Winds Wu | Support Engineer

ToolsWe’ve seen some confusion regarding the new Software Center in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager so I want to take a minute to explain what you should expect to see there with regards to Software Updates.

The main source of the misunderstanding is that Windows Updates are NOT shown in the Software Center after they are successfully deployed. For example, let’s say we deployed Windows Updates to various device collections and the deployment successfully installed. The updates were visible in the Software Center before installation, however after the installation and a reboot they are no longer visible on the 'Installation Status' tab or the 'Installed Software' tab.

While this may initially be a little confusing, this is actually by design as Software Updates will not show up on the “Installed Software” tab once they are successfully deployed. Software Updates technically don’t fall under the category of “Software” in the traditional sense, which is why you’ll only find things such as installed Applications and Packages on those tabs. Even in Windows, when you go to Control Panel –> Programs and Features you have to drill in to specifically display Software Updates.

Here’s a walkthrough to demonstrate:

1. I deployed KB2552343 to one of my Windows 7 machines. Before installation it showed up under “Available Software” in Software Center.


2. Then I triggered for installation and the installation status appeared in the “Installation Status” in the Software Center.




3. After the update had been installed, it no longer appeared in “Installed Software” in the Software Center.


However, you can see that it is installed in you look at currently installed updates in Control Panel.


So if you deploy some Windows Updates and are concerned that they don’t show up in software Center after being installed, don’t worry. That’s how it was designed to work.

Hope this helps,

Winds Wu | Support Engineer | Microsoft

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