ConfigMgr Support Tip: Client push to a thin-client OS fails with error 0x8004100e

imageHi everyone, Tyler Franke here, and today I wanted to talk about an issue that you might run into when doing client push installs and have thin clients in your environment. When using client push installation to install the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 or System Center 2012 Configuration Manager client, you may run into a situation where the process fails on a thin client with the following error:

The error encountered is error 0x8004100e (i.e. Invalid Namespace)

The error is usually encountered because within WMI on the thin client, the namespace and/or classes that are required do not exist. For the Configuration Manager client to install, we expect and require that the cimv2 namespace exists and is accessible.

If you encounter this on an embedded (thin-client) system, please be aware that the manufacturer (OEM) chooses which Windows features to include and which to exclude. If you encounter this issue you will need to address it with your thin client manufacturer directly.

To verify whether this is the issue you are encountering, you can verify the existence of the cimv2 namespace by performing the following actions:

1. Execute WBEMTEST (e.g. Start-> Run-> WBEMTEST).


2. Once the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester appears click on the 'Connect...' button.

3. In the Connect window that appears, type only 'root' (without quotes) in the Namespace field and click the 'Connect' button.


4. Back on the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester window click the 'Query...' button.

5. In the Query window that appears, type select * from __NAMESPACE in the Enter Query field and click Apply.


In the Query Results window, verify whether or not the __NAMESPACE.Name="cimv2” namespace appears. If it does not then this is your issue. Below is an example where __NAMESPACE.Name="cimv2” does exist.


For more information please see the following:

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Tyler Franke | Senior Support Escalation Engineer | Management and Security Division

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