Support Tip: A Backup Site Server maintenance task may fail to run in ConfigMgr 2012

toolsignUPDATE: This issue has been fixed beginning with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Service Pack 1 (ConfigMgr 2012 SP1).


In System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, the ‘Backup Site Server’ maintenance task may fail if the Backup Destination is set to a network share. An example is below:


When this happens, the following errors are logged:


Error: Backup folder \\MachineName\1234 does not exist or backup service does not have permission to access the folder.



Error: Backup folder \\MachineName\1234 does not exist or backup service does not have permission to access the folder.

If you look at the network share you see that the folder does exists and permissions are correct. So why does it fail? To know more, please download Procmon tool from here and capture a trace on both SQL and ConfigMgr site server with following filters while running the backup:

Process Name is ‘SMSSQLBkup.exe’
Process Name is ‘SMSBkup.exe’



Once you see the error(s) mentioned at the start of this post, please stop the trace and look at the result.


If you look closely enough at Path column the backup task triggers a CreateFile operation on \\MachineName\123 which doesn’t exist. The correct path is \\MachineName\1234 . It drops the last character ‘4’ and as a result the backup task fails to complete successfully.

At the moment you can choose to use any of the following three workarounds to get the backup task to work.

1. Create a sub-folder under existing folder and configure the backup task accordingly. For example:


2. Save the files on local drive.

3. Create and use a network share on SQL Server instead.

NOTE This issue is schedule to be addressed in Service Pack 1

Additional information on Backup Site Server task can be found here.

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