ConfigMgr 2007 Software Updates will not synchronize with "Warning: found invalid inbox key: software" in Wsyncmgr.log

imageHi everyone, Tyler Franke here. Recently I worked with a customer who was seeing an issue where Software Updates would no longer synchronize from WSUS, plus the ones that previously did sync and were deployed were not available to clients.  We did some troubleshooting and when looking in the Wsyncmgr.log file we found the following entry:

Warning: found invalid inbox key: software

What had happened was the site had originally been on SMS 2003 and was upgraded to ConfigMgr 2007. The site backup used to restore the server was taken when it was originally on a 32-bit operating system, however since then the site had been upgraded to 64-bit.  When the site was restored, the Registry keys were restored using the 64-bit registry reflection under HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\SMS where the values were unexpected by the current SMS component(s), thus causing the error condition above.

To resolve this, in the Registry under HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\SMS, we exported the key then deleted all references to software from the "Inbox Source", "Inbox Definitions", "Inbox Instances", and "Inbox Rules" sub-keys. Afterward we restarted SMSEXEC on the server and triggered an update synchronization from the central site.  Once we did this everything worked as expected.

For more information see the following Knowledge Base article:

896602 - SMS-related registry keys and registry values may appear in incorrect locations in the registry in SMS 2003 (;EN-US;896602)

Tyler Franke | Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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