How to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 using ConfigMgr 2007

InfoButtonI can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to uninstall the best, most secure browser out there but hey, you never know.  If you ever find yourself in that position then MVP Bechir Gharbi just posted a great article on how to do just that over in the TechNet Wiki:

Many people have blogged about how to install Internet Explorer 9.0 using System Center Configuration Manager 2007. In this topic, we will see how to uninstall it through the same software….

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  1. says:

    The primary reason we uninstall Internet Explorer 9 at the College I work at is incompatibility with web-based applications.  IE is commonly behind the curve on support for educational applications such as Blackboard and WebCT.  The question we always have to ask a user is "did you try another browser."  When the most current version of IE (at the moment IE 9) will not support the applications we need, that means we need to uninstall it to have a version which does work.

  2. Bechir Gharbi says:

    Yes you can't imagine and you're right. My topic was based on my answer (on ConfigMgr Forums) to someone who needed to uninstall IE9 with ConfigMgr 🙂…/72d0eda8-4273-4d4b-b888-86b37d646677

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