ConfigMgr 2007 Quick Fix: Remote Tools fail with Access Denied

toolsign_thumb2Here’s an issue I ran into the other day and since I didn’t see a lot documented about it I thought I’d go ahead and post the fix here.  If you’re getting an Access Denied error when trying to connect to a client using the Remote Tools then here are some permissions you should check.


When launching a System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Remote Tools session against a Windows 7 x64 (64-bit) client, the session will fail with one of the two messages below:

- If launching the RC.EXE > File > Connect > IP of the Windows 7 x64 client > you get error Unable to contact host

- If instead from we use the command prompt and execute RC.EXE 1 <IP address> you get Access Denied

In the RemoteControl.log you will see entries similar to the following:

Remote Control Server started. RemoteControl 01.02.2010 16:32:29 2856 (0x0B28)
Failed to activate launcher object (0x80070005) RemoteControl 01.02.2010 16:32:29 2856 (0x0B28)
Server is no longer in use. Shutting down. RemoteControl 01.02.2010 16:32:29 2856 (0x0B28)
Remote Control Server terminated normally. RemoteControl 01.02.2010 16:32:29 2856 (0x0B28)

If ProcMon is executed on the Windows 7 64-bit client you see an "Access Denied" for the following directories:



This issue can occur due to a lack of permissions for the Windows 7 x64 client file \Windows\SysWOW64\CCM\clicomp\RemCtrl\RCLaunch.exe.


To resolve this issue, give Read and Execute rights to the "ConfigMgr Remote Control Users" group for the Windows 7 x64 client file \Windows\SysWOW64\CCM\clicomp\RemCtrl\RCLaunch.exe. 

Hope this helps,

Nuno Oliveira | Senior System Center Support Engineer

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  1. jrbuleo says:


        We have the issue since Q2 2010 with our x64 computers. To resolve the issue, we made a Software Update program announced to All 64bits Windows Clients, with the following code. Its mandatory, always rerun if failedm wheter a user is logged or not,  and ASAP:

    @echo off

    REM Script para corregir los permisos efectivos en x64 de RCLaunch en SCCM 2007 SP2 R2

    cacls c:windowssyswow64CCMclicompremctrlRCLaunch.exe  /e /g "ConfigMgr Remote Control Users":r

    I hope the code will be usefull for someone!


  2. Jason says:

    Thanks a lot.  I had this issue too.

  3. Aleksandr says:


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