New KB: Packages with .ASPX and .ASMX files cannot be distributed to Configuration Manager 2007 Branch Distribution Points

KBWhen pushing a software distribution package with .ASPX or .ASMX files to a Branch Distribution Point (BDP), the transfer fails. Transfers via SMB to the same BDPs work fine. You may also see BITS jobs failing with transient errors.


This occurs because .ASPX and .ASMX files are dynamic content and BITS will not download dynamic content. This is by design. Since a BDP will only use BITS to get the package from the Distribution Point it fails.



Other than not including ASPX or ASMX files in your packages, as a workaround you can pre-stage the content on the BDP manually.

1. If one does not already exist, create an SMSPKG<driveletter>$ directory and share on the branch distribution point.

2. Using a standard distribution point as the original source for the package, copy the packages into the SMSPKG<driveletter>$ directory.

3. On the central site where your packages exist, select your package and chose properties. On the Distribution Settings tab make sure that the Administrator manually copies this package to branch distribution points to checked.

4. Next use the package wizard to add a DP to the package. In this case you will be selecting the Branch DP.

5. Give it a few minutes to allow the new policy to flow down from the central site to the Branch DP Clients parent site.

6. Force the client to request new Machine Policy or allow it to request Machine policy on its own. Once policy is received it will take 2 minutes before the policy is applied to this client.

7. On the branch distribution point computer, double-click Configuration Manager in Control Panel.

8. On the Actions tab, select Branch Distribution Point Maintenance Task and then click Initiate Action

*Note: When creating an SMSPKG<driveletter>$ directory and share, the <driveletter> is the relevant drive on the branch distribution point. For example, SMSPKGC$ would be the directory and share created on drive C of the branch distribution point.

More Information

For more information see How to Prestage Packages on a Branch Distribution Point in the TechNet library.


The information above was published today in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article written by J.C. Hornbeck and Clifton Hughes:

KB2516319 - Packages with .ASPX and .ASMX files cannot be distributed to Configuration Manager 2007 Branch Distribution Points

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