How to add a Known/Unknown Computer to a specified collection during OS Deployment in ConfigMgr 2007

InfoButtonJust a quick heads up that our very own System Center Configuration Manager Support Engineer Vinay Pamnani recently published a great post about how to add a known/unknown computer to a specified collection during OS Deployment.  If you haven't seen you'll probably want to check it out:

Have you ever wondered why a ConfigMgr client takes a long time to run the advertised programs after you deploy this client using ConfigMgr OSD? Well, this is because as soon as the machine is imaged, it gets added to the ‘All Systems’ collection and gets the advertisements/policies that are targeted to the All Systems collection. But what if your advertisements are not targeted to the default All Systems collection, and instead are targeted to a custom query based collection? In that case, the newly imaged machine doesn’t get added to the custom collection until it sends the inventory AND the collection updates based on its schedule and finds the machines that fulfill the query condition to add the machine(s) to the collection, and in turn triggering the creation of policies for these clients. Until this happens, there are no Advertisements for this newly imaged client to run(unless of course, they were targeted to the All Systems collection). This is why you may notice a delay of up to 24 hours or more until you see the newly imaged clients processing all the Advertisements that you expect them to execute.

To read more and see the solution visit the following:

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