Troubleshooting empty program lists in a Configuration Manager 2007 Task Sequence

imageWhen attempting to add an Install Software item in a System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Task Sequence, the Program drop-down list under Install a single application may be empty.  Clicking Apply results in a Task Sequence Editor Please select a program dialog and the item cannot be saved.

This behavior may occur if Allow users to interact with this program is selected on the Environment tab of the program’s properties dialog.  Since the Task Sequence always executes in the system context, it is not possible to use this option.  In some rare cases, there may be problems with the objects properties in WMI that may need to be modified directly as well.  The resolution section below covers both cases.


In most cases, unchecking Allow users to interact with this program from the program’s properties dialog will resolve this issue.  This setting is located in the Configuration Manager Console under Site Database\Computer Management\Software Distribution\Packages\<Package Name>\Programs\<Program Name>\Properties.  Once the selection has been unchecked, return to the Task Sequence editor and click on Browse… to re-select the package.

If unchecking the Allow users to interact with this program option does not resolve the issue, or if the setting is already unchecked, you may need to manually edit the object for the package in WMI.  Use these steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Click Start, Run, then type wbemtest.
  2. Click Connect and type root\sms\site_<SITECODE> in the Namespace field (where <SITECODE> is the 3-letter site code of your site).  Click Connect.
  3. Click on Query… and type select * from SMS_Program.  Click Apply.
  4. In the Query Result dialog, double-click the entry for the package you are trying to add.
  5. In the Properties list, locate ProgramFlags  and double-click on it to bring up the editor.
  6. Record the current value and then replace it with 135307264.
  7. Click on Save Property.  This will close the dialog.
  8. Click on Save Object to close the package entry.
  9. In the Task Sequence editor, click on the Browse… button, select any other package, click OK, then click Browse… again and navigate to the package you wish to deploy.

Mark Stanfill | System Center Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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