ConfigMgr 2007 Solution: Attempts to update or distribute a package to a Branch DP fails with HostingIncomplete and PDPHashMismatchEvent error

Toolbox Symptom

A package cannot be updated successfully on a Branch DP (BDP) and the Peerdpagent.log shows the following:

Package ABC00001 in state 'DownloadComplete'. 6/9/2010 11:42:55 AM 3800 (0x0ED8)
Raising event:
[SMS_CodePage(437), SMS_LocaleID(1033)]
instance of PDPHashMismatchEvent
ClientID = "GUID:00354A37-DA07-43CA-A8F3-A45203669D2D";
DateTime = "20100609184258.503000+000";
MachineName = "ComputerName";
PackageID = "ABC00001";
ProcessID = 2068;
SiteCode = "ABC";
SourceVersion = 2;
ThreadID = 3384;
6/9/2010 11:42:58 AM 3384 (0x0D38)
Successfully submitted event to the Status Agent. 6/9/2010 11:42:58 AM 3384 (0x0D38)
Package ABC00001 in state 'HostingIncomplete'. 6/9/2010 11:42:58 AM 3384 (0x0D38)

Every indication is that this is hash mismatch, however, testing shows that the hash matches, and the directory contents are exactly the same on the Source, DP, and BDP, the only indication of the hash mismatch is in the peerdpagent.log

Also note that the package does complete downloading, even though it shows the PDPHashMismatchEvent and HostingIncomplete status.


This can occur if there is a trailing backslash on the share name path of the package properties.


Remove the trailing back slash on the share name path on the package properties or do not use a trailing back slash during package creation.
If you are changing this after the package has already been created, update the Branch DP and this should resolve this issue. This problem seems to affect only Branch Distribution Points, not regular Distribution Points.

Clifton Hughes | Senior System Center Support Engineer

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  1. Craig says:

    This hasn't resolved the issue for me. Any other ideas?

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