The System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Toolkit v2 has been released

Tools The Configuration Manager 2007 Toolkit V2 contains 11 downloadable tools to help you manage and troubleshoot Configuration Manager 2007.

The following list provides specific information about each tool in the toolkit.

  • Client Spy - A tool that helps you troubleshoot issues related to software distribution, inventory, and software metering on Configuration Manager 2007 clients.
  • Delete Group Class Tool - A tool used to remove inventory group definitions along with history data, tables, views and stored procedures for the group.
  • Desired Configuration Management Migration Tool - A tool used to migrate from the DCM Solution for SMS 2003 to DCM in ConfigMgr 2007.
  • Desired Configuration Management Model Verification Tool - A tool used by desired configuration management content administrators for the validation and testing of configuration items and baselines authored externally from the Configuration Manager console.
  • Desired Configuration Management Substitution Variable Tool - A tool used by desired configuration management content administrators for authoring desired configuration management configuration items that use chained setting and object discovery.
  • Management Point Troubleshooter Tool - A tool that checks a computer system before and after a management point installation to ensure that the installation meets the requirements for management points.
  • Policy Spy - A policy viewer that helps you review and troubleshoot the policy system on Configuration Manager 2007 clients.
  • Preload Package Tool - A tool used to manually install compressed copies of package source files on Configuration Manager 2007 sites.
  • Security Configuration Wizard Template for Configuration Manager 2007 - The Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) is an attack-surface reduction tool for the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system. Security Configuration Wizard determines the minimum functionality required for a server's role or roles, and disables functionality that is not required. The Configuration Manager 2007 Service Pack 2 Security Configuration Wizard template supports new site system definitions and enables the required services and ports.
  • Send Schedule Tool - A tool used to trigger a schedule on a Client or trigger the evaluation of a specified DCM Baseline. You can trigger a schedule either locally or remotely.
  • Trace32 - A log viewer that provides a way to easily view and monitor log files created and updated by Configuration Manager 2007 clients and servers.

You can read more and download the tools here.

J.C. Hornbeck | System Center Knowledge Engineer

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Comments (7)
  1. Thanks, Typhoon!  I had the same problem, had to uninstall CCM Framework Tools and DCM Authoring Tools first.  I didn’t have the Trace32 issue, however.


  2. Typhoon87 says:

    nevermind found the DCM unistaaller, helpful error messages would me more helpful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Typhoon87, It will probably show up in Add/Remove Programs as “CCM Framework Tools”.

    As a warning, the upgrade did not go very smoothly for me (at least as far as Trace32 is concerned). It left the program registration/association pointing to the path of the old Trace32.exe.

    This is stored at: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTApplicationsTrace32.exeshellopencommand

    The path was left at:

    "C:Program FilesConfigMgr 2007 ToolkitCCM ToolsTrace32.exe" "%1"

    I manually changed it to:

    "C:Program FilesConfigMgr 2007 Toolkit V2Trace32.exe" "%1"

    This got it working for me. It was a bit weird because the broken registration was preventing me from associating it using the GUI method (I am running Windows 7 x86 if that matters).

  4. Typhoon87 says:

    Could you please tell me how to remove the V1 of these tools. Running the installer tells me to remove the old version manually first, but it does not appear to show up in programs and features, and there is no uninstaller in the program files folder. How do I remove version 1 of the tools?

  5. Typhoon87 says:

    Thats what I get for taking the time to read an error box and a previous version of config mgr toolkit is installed, so i was actually looking for an entry that said Configmgr toolkit.

    I tried the unininstaller from the programs and features, and it left the dcm tools, and its still complaing I cant upgrade.

    For the next update please either fix the error message so it has the correct text or just make able to preform an in place upgrade.

    Right now I stuck without either one. I cant reinstall the old one because the download is already pulled from the Microsoft Download Center.

  6. Chris says:

    is anyone else having a problem making this new version the default log viewer. i cannot update my "progam list" to open with trace32.exe   simply when i browse to it… it does not update my program list.. to select trace32 as the default program to open log files with

  7. Chris says:

    I figured out my solution.. like typhoon87 said not a very smooth upgrade.. if you want to be able to set default log files to trace 32 again coming from the previous version you have to make sure you do the registry edit .. so browse to the following


    and change it to .. whatever you have your path set to for trace32… or what i did was the default which is

    "C:Program FilesConfigMgr 2007 Toolkit V2Trace32.exe" "%1"  

    this was annoying please fix this,


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