The Configuration Manager Documentation Library has been updated for March 2010

imageJust a quick heads up that the documentation library for System Center Configuration Manager 2007 has been updated.  The current version now contains updated content for Configuration Manager 2007, Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, Configuration Manager 2007 R2, and Configuration Manager 2007 SP2.

There are a lot of cool new updates, far more than I could ever list here, and you'll want to read them all.  To see a detailed list of everything that's been updated see


J.C. Hornbeck | System Center Knowledge Engineer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    First have a SCCM documentation (compile html file ) infront of you which comes with SDK installation.

    Open it.

    Then follow steps as follows :

    -System Center Configuration Manager Software Development Kit

    goto : Configuration Manager Console Extension

    goto:Configuration Manager Console Views

    goto:How to Create a Configuration Manager Console View

    In this page upto step 14 its okay.Then its says the following things.

    Create the Form View Class

    The following procedure creates the SmsFormViewBase derived class.

    To create a form view class


         In ConfigMgrDialog.cs , add the following new class in the Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.ConfigMgrPropertySheet namespace:

    I was pretty surprised from where did the ConfigMgrDialog.cs came into picture. When i checked my project explorer there was no class with this name. I tried to search it in the whole documentation to see if the class has been created in some other document but it dosen’t exit anywhere. I am totally stuck.

    Can anyone throw some light and tell me what is going on?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a question about this one…

    Updated to clarify that Configuration Manager does not support manually changing or defining the Microsoft SQL Server port number for either the default instance or named instances of SQL Server.

    Do you mean when configuring the SQL-instance or when configuring SCCM to what instance to use?

    If it is when configuring the SQL-instance itself, I have a site running like that today and would like to know more about potential issues. My SCCM-site is configured to use Servername/instancename but I have changed the SQL-instance from dynamic to a static port. Does that really matter? Shouldn’t the SQL Browser Service route the request correctly whether the port is static or dynamic?

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