Fix: No advertisements are listed in the SCCM console on a remote machine but they do show up on the site server itself

Tools Here's a system Center Configuration Manager 2007 issue that seems to pop up every so often here in support and since I didn't see it documented anywhere publicly I thought I'd post a heads up here.


  • Advertisement instances do not display in a remote ConfigMgr 2007 console.
  • The Advertisement class/container is present but is empty.
  • Advertisement instances are enumerated in the console on the site server after that same user logs onto the site server.


This occurs because of an incorrect query in the C:\SMSADMIN\AdminUI\XmlStorage\ConsoleRoot\AdminConsole.XML file.  If you look at the queries being run, you'll see that the remote console SQL/WQL queries are different from those issued when on the server. 

Incorrect Query :
SELECT * FROM SMS_AdvertisementInfo WHERE NOT (AssignmentID = NULL) ORDER BY AdvertisementName

Correct Query :
SELECT * FROM SMS_AdvertisementInfo WHERE NOT (AssignmentID IS NULL) ORDER BY AdvertisementName

The incorrect query issued by the remote console returns no data/results when run against the site database in SQL Management Studio.


To resolve this issue install the following hotfix:

KB969529 - Users cannot enumerate collection members if hotfix 955262 is installed on System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 site servers

This hotfix will replace the AdminConsole.XML file with the newer version with the correct query syntax.

Special thanks to System Center Support Escalation Engineers Terry McKinney and Praveen Kumar Chiluka for documenting this issue.

J.C. Hornbeck | System Center Knowledge Engineer

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