Error when trying to integrating MDT with ConfigMgr 2007

image I see this issue every once in a while and thought it might make for a good tip.  If you're running into errors trying to integrate MDT and ConfigMgr 2007 then this one's for you.


When trying to integrate MDT with a System Center Configuration Manager 2007 console via the option "Configure ConfigMgr Integration" on a Windows Vista or newer OS (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2), the following error may occur:

Copied binaries to <ConfigMgr_Install_Path>\AdminUI\Bin
Copied extention files to <ConfigMgr_Install_Path>\AdminUI\XmlStorage\Extensions
Successfully connected to WMI namespace \\MASTER\root\sms
Located the provider for site <Site_Code> on server MASTER
Validated site server and site code.
Unable to compile <ConfigMgr_Install_Path>\AdminUI\Bin\Microsoft.BDD.SCCMActions.mof, rc = 3

Operation completed with warnings or errors.  Please review the output above.


This issue is caused because ConfigMgr Integration needs to be run as an administrator.


Right click on "Configure ConfigMgr Integration" and choose "Run as administrator".

Frank Rojas | System Center Support Escalation Engineer

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  1. raymond Oliver says:

    Thank you kindly for your post. Being relatively new to win 2008, I would never have solved this myself.

  2. CharlesC says:

    Tried it… Didn't work I got the same error.

  3. Dimitar Filipov says:

    Got the same error. I tried running the "Configure ConfigMgr Integration" as an administrator, but with no success. I even tried manually compiling the file in an elevated command prompt:

    C:Windowssyste32>mofcomp "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Configuration ManagerAdminConsolebinMicrosoft.BDD.CM12Actions.mof"

    Then I receive this error:

    Parsing MOF file: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Configuration ManagerAdminConsolebinMicrosoft.BDD.CM12Actions.mof

    MOF file has been successfully parsed

    Storing data in the repository…

    An error occurred while processing item 1 defined on lines 9 – 15 in file C:Program Files(x86)Microsoft Configuration ManagerAdminConsolebinMicrosoft.BDD.CM12Actions.mof:

    Error Number: 0x80041003, Facility: WMI

    Description: Access denied

    Compiler returned error 0x80041003

    FYI: UAC is disabled. My domain user account has local admin rights.

  4. Dimitar Filipov says:

    Ok, I solved it by restarting the SQL database engine service via SQL Configuration Manager. It seems that this Microsoft.BDD.CM12Actions.mof has something to do with it. I hope that this workaround will help other people having this issue.



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