ConfigMgr 2007: Unable to update Distribution Point and a file in the appears to be locked

image In your System Center Configuration Manager 2007 environment, you may find that a distribution point is not updating and a pck file may appear to be "stuck" or "locked" in the X:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\received folder (where X: is the drive where ConfigMgr 2007 is installed) and the file is not able to be renamed or deleted even with the following services stopped:

    • WMI
    • SMSExecutive
    • Component Manager
    • BITS
    • Antivirus


The file was locked by a service called dsmcsvc.exe which was from IBM Tivoli backup software (it was named TSM Scheduler in Services). It is possible other software could have a lock on the file as well, this is just one example.


Using Process Explorer turn on the handles view (View menu, Lower Pane view, Handles) then from the Find menu, (Find Handles or DLL...) type in the file name that is locked (e.g. X:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\received\filename.pck) and it should show you the service that has locked this file.  In this case we found it was locked by dsmcsvc.exe (IBM Tivoli backup software).  Stopping the TSM Scheduler service (dsmcsvc.exe) caused the packages to start processing again in the despoolr.log.

More Information

This problem could occur with other software locking a file and preventing a package from being updated.  Using Process Explorer is a useful way to determine what service has a lock on a file.

Hope this helps,

Clifton Hughes | Senior Support Engineer

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