Configuration Manager 2007 AMT Provisioning Flowcharts

image Have you ever wanted to learn more about how Active Management Technology (AMT) and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 work together?  If so our very own Steve Rachui posted some great flowcharts that should help explain how all the pieces fit together.  According to Steve:

Support for AMT provisioning through SCCM was introduced in SCCM SP1.  Being able to manage systems through AMT is extremely useful and there is a good amount of documentation already about using SCCM and AMT.  Working through this technology I thought it would be helpful to have flowcharts that document how provisioning works both with SCCM natively supported AMT systems (AMT firmware version 3.2.1 forward) vs. legacy provisioning (firmware less than 3.2.1)… 

You can read more and download the flowcharts at

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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