Troubleshooting patch installation issues on SMS 2003 ITMU with Exit Code 32788

fixI thought of blogging this information as it took a little bit of time to identify the root cause of the issue and I didn’t see it documented publicly anywhere.  Hopefully if you run into the same issue this will help you find a quick solution.

Symptom: Patch installation fails with the following error:

ERROR: UpdateSearcher::Search() failed. 0x80248014 is the hresult value for the operation. Returning 32788 as the exit code SmsWusHandler

Cause: An invalid ScanPackageServiceID package in the registry was the culprit in this case.

Logs for reference which will help you easily identify the issue

INSTALL FAILED: UpdateID = bfc87e4e-02a3-4739-8019-27eeef986f59, QNumber = 969682, Title = Security Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (KB969682), ExitCode = 32788, Executable = C:\SYSROOT\system32\VPCache\CES00072\SmsWusHandler.exe /InstallFile:"C:\SYSROOT\system32\CCM\Cache\CES002BD.1.System\bfc87e4e-02a3-4739-8019-27eeef986f59\" /UpdateID:bfc87e4e-02a3-4739-8019-27eeef986f59  UpdatesInstallMgr        30-06-2009 09:29:44  3428 (0x0D64)

WUS client version detected on the machine = 7.2.6001.788.           SmsWusHandler         
Searching for software updates now.   SmsWusHandler         
Search filter - Type='Software' SmsWusHandler         
Using the existing scan package service {ServiceID = 6f102c69-effc-4e17-b505-830a9e6b6b1e}    SmsWusHandler           
Scan Package serviceID being used for this search is {6f102c69-effc-4e17-b505-830a9e6b6b1e}   SmsWusHandler           
ERROR: UpdateSearcher::Search() failed.        SmsWusHandler
0x80248014 is the hresult value for the operation. Returning 32788 as the exit code.          SmsWusHandler           
~ ======= SmsWusHandler Terminating =======          SmsWusHandler

This is how the registry looks like on the client machine:


Resolution: You can fix the issue by following these steps:

1. Make a backup of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\VPCache.  This way you can always restore any changes you make.

2. Delete the registry key "~AS_ScanPackageServiceID" from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\VPCache

3. Restart the SMS Agent Host Service on the client machine, then rerun the advertisement on the client machine.

Once this is complete the install should complete successfully.

Balasubramanian Delli | Configuration Manager Technical Lead

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