Guide to Software Updates Deployment in Configuration Manager 2007 – Part 2

Back on Monday I posted Part 1 of my Guide to Software Updates Deployment in Configuration Manager 2007 and below you will find the conclusion, Part 2:


Configuration Manager 2007 no longer uses advertisements for delivering software updates. Software update deployments are now used as the vehicle that delivers software updates to client computers. The deployment properties contain the relevant information about the software updates in the deployment, the target collection, and the settings that impact client behavior when running the deployment, the deployment schedule settings, and so on. When a deployment is created, client computers receive it as part of the Configuration Manager policy.







Table 1 Software Update Settings




Specifies the name and description of the deployment.

* Collection

Specifies the collection that will be targeted for the software update deployment.

* Display/Time Settings

Specifies whether the user will be notified of pending software updates, the installation progress for software updates, whether a client evaluates the deployment schedule based on local or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and the default duration between software update availability and mandatory

installation on clients.

* Restart Settings

Specifies the system restart behavior when a software update installs on a client and requires a restart to complete.

* Event Generation

Specifies whether Microsoft Operation Manager alerts are disabled while the software updates install and whether an Operation Manager alert is created when a software update installation fails.

* Download Settings

Specifies how clients will interact with Distribution Points when they receive a software update deployment.

* SMS 2003 Settings

Specifies whether to deploy software updates to SMS 2003 clients that are in the target collection.

Deployment Package

Specifies the deployment package that will be used to host the software updates in the deployment. This setting is not available when all software updates in the deployment have already been downloaded to a package.

Download Location

Specifies whether the software updates in the deployment are downloaded from the Internet or from the local network.

Language Selection

Specifies the languages for which the software updates in the deployment are downloaded.

Deployment Schedule

Specifies the schedule for when a software update deployment becomes active, when software update installation is enforced on clients, whether to enable Wake On LAN, and whether to ignore maintenance windows when installing updates.

NAP Evaluation

Specifies whether the software updates in this deployment will be included in a Network Access Protection (NAP) evaluation.

After Installation completes you can check the reports for compliance



Reference readings

Software Updates in Configuration Manager

The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 software updates feature provides a set of tools and resources that can help manage the complex task of tracking and applying software updates to client computers in the enterprise. Click the associated link in the following section for detailed information about the concepts, planning, configuring, managing, security, and troubleshooting software updates.

In This Section

Overview of Software Updates

Provides an overview of the software updates feature.

Prerequisites for Software Updates

Provides information about the internal and external software updates requirements.

Planning for Software Updates

Provides planning information for the software updates feature.

Configuring Software Updates

Provides the configuration checklist and tasks to configure software updates in the environment.

Tasks for Software Updates

Provides a set of tasks to perform software updates objectives.

Software Updates Security Best Practices and Privacy Information

Provides security and privacy information and best practices for software updates.

Troubleshooting Software Updates

Provides troubleshooting information for software updates.

Technical Reference for Software Updates

Provides technical reference information for software updates.

Hope this helps,

Adnan Ezzi | Configuration Manager Support Engineer

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    What do you do when client computers see most deployments – but not all. Even after you delete the Package, Deployment, and UpdateList and recreate all this again? The UpdatesDeployment.log shows most Deployments, except a couple.

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