Carol Bailey has updated her previous post How to Publish the CRL on a Separate Web Server – for Delta CRLs"

imageCarol has been busy today, now with another post on how the Configuration Manager Product Team has updated their blog post for publishing the CRL on a separate Web server because the instructions were missing the variable <DeltaCRLAllowed> in the paths, which is needed for delta CRLs.  According to Carol:

As a rule, I'm not fond of adding variables in documentation instructions when they are not needed for basic functionality, but this one is needed for delta CRLs.  I also added <CAName> so that you can publish CRLs from different CAs into the same location (for example, when you have a tiered CA hierarchy you must publish CRLs from each CA in the chain up to and including the root), and <CRLNameSuffix> according to best practices (

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J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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