Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for July 2009


Looks like our friends working on Configuration Manager documentation have released a few updates this month.  According to the Configuration Manager Writing Team, the following list discusses the topics that are new or contain significant changes since the June 2009 update:

Configuration Manager 2007 General Supported Configurations

- Updated to include the support statement that Configuration Manager clients are not support with Network Address Translation (NAT), unless the site is configured for Internet-based client management and the client detects that it is on the Internet.

Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 Supported Configurations

- Updated to include a feature section for Out of Band Management.  This includes the versions of AMT that are supported, operating system limitations for the out of band management console, and the support statement that out of band communication to an AMT-based computer is not supported if it is running the Routing and Remote Access service in the client operating system.

Troubleshooting General Operating System Deployment Issues

- Updated with the new entry "Security Registry Keys for Native Mode Remain in Captured Images".  This issue was reported in the forums when a customer used a captured image from a native mode client that used a different CA hierarchy to the one used on the production network, and it resulted in the client being unmanaged.  This troubleshooting entry includes the prescribed additional steps to take if you capture an image from a native mode client.  .

Troubleshooting Task Sequence Initiated Operating System Deployment Issues

- Updated with the new entry "Task Sequence Always Performs Certificate Revocation Checking in Native Mode Site".  This issue documents how to identify a known issue with task sequences always checking the CRL in a native mode site, even after following the procedures to disable CRL checking on clients.  In this scenario, if the CRL cannot be accessed, all native mode communication will fail and the smsts.log file will record: WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_FLAG_CERT_REV_FAILED.

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