SMS 2003 SP3 ITMU scan fails with WSUSScn2.CAB released on June 23rd

fixWe’ve seen some issues reported over the past couple of days where the SMS 2003 SP3 ITMU scan is failing on some or all clients with code 87 (The parameter is incorrect).  When this occurs, the SMSWusHandler.log contains entries similar to the following on the failure:

ERROR: UpdateSearcher::Search() failed.
An error occurred when searching with the existing scan package service.  Removing the service...
ERROR: Search() failed with hRes=0x80070057
0x80070057 is the hresult value for the operation. Returning 87 as the exit code.


This happens on SMS 2003 clients running WUA versions prior to 7.0.  ITMU v3 shipped with version of the Windows Update Agent thus causing the issue described above. 

Note: Support for the Windows Update Agent version that shipped with ITMU v3 ended on April 30th.

In order to restore scan functionality with ITMU v3, the following steps should be followed:

1. Download the latest build of the WUA agent for each platform used in the environment (x86, x64, ia64) to a separate folders.  The current download links for each platform can be found in the More Information section of;EN-US;949104.

We suggest downloading these to subfolders under the ITMU install folder, in the same fashion as the original WUA agent folders.  For example, use subfolder names like WUSPkgSourcev3, WUSPkgSourcex64v3 and WUSPkgSourceIA64v3, etc.

2. Create new packages for each build of the current client and a new program to run the appropriate EXE with /q.  For example, the command line for the x86 build would be windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe /q.

3. Open each program for the original ITMU scan package for each platform, one at a time, and select the Advanced tab.  Modify the 'Run another program first' Package and Program to refer to the newly created items for that platform.

Once this is done, clients that require the WUA update will get it the next time they attempt to run ITMU.  If clients already have the current version of the agent, the dependent program will exit with success and the scan will run normally.

Keith Thornley - Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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