New and updated Configuration Manager 2007 docs available


Looks like the documentation team just published some updates to the Configuration Manager 2007 library:

The Configuration Manager documentation library ( has been updated on the Web.  See What's New in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library for April 2009 for a list of topics that are new or contain significant changes since the December 2008 update.  All content that has been updated for just this month has Updated: April 1, 2009 at the top of the topic. 

In particular, you might want to check out the reformatted topics that contain supported configuration information. A new top-level topic named Configuration Manager Supported Configurations has been created that lists information that pertains to all version of Configuration Manager 2007 including: hardware requirements, supported multi-language hierarchy setup configurations, specialized storage technologies, workgroup client considerations, and virtualization environments. 

Additionally, the supported configurations topic for each individual release of Configuration Manager has also been reorganized into a more standard template to make the topics easier to read and include information specific to the release. In the individual supported configurations topics, you will find the supported upgrade paths, operating system requirements for both site systems and clients, and other configuration specifics including a section in each topic that describes the SQL Server versions supported to host the site database.

For more details and a link see Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for April 2009.

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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