ConfigMgr 2007 Patchinstall command line switches

fyiDo you use System Center Configuration Manager 2007 or SMS 2003 and wonder what all the switches for PatchInstall are?  If so then Steve Rachui has the information you need as he documents everything from /F to /Z and everything in between.  Check out his intro and a link below:


A question came up the other day about how to set the patchinstall command line switches for ITMU in SCCM.  In SMS 2003 it was a simple edit to the command line for the program but in SCCM there is no such ability since we do all of the command line building based on UI settings and don’t expose the result (except in the patchinstall log when the deployment runs) for the user to edit.

I did some testing and come up with the list of switches below along with the corresponding SCCM UI setting that determines whether the switch is used or not.  This list is possibly not exhaustive and there are some command line switches that appear to be static and always used, like /p.

To continue reading see ITMU/SCCM/Patchinstall command line switches

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer