ConfigMgr 2007: Primary site MP is used for the Task Sequence even when deploying OSD images to secondary sites

fyiIf you’re using the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Operating System Deployment feature to deploy operating system images in secondary sites, here’s some information you may find interesting:

Issue: During the deployment of a System Center Configuration Manager 2007 operating system image to a bare metal computer in a secondary site, the parent primary site’s management point (MP) is used while running the task sequence, even if there’s a proxy MP in the secondary site. The secondary site’s proxy MP isn’t used until the task sequence is finished.

Cause: This behavior is expected. Task sequences for operating system image deployment are tied to the MP of the site that the task sequence was created in, and computers are assigned to that site as well. Consequently, computers will also use the MP for that site. This is true for both boot media and PXE initiated task sequences.

According to "How to Deploy an Operating System Image using PXE":

"Configuration Manager 2007 will connect to the assigned management point and retrieve the assigned policy and complete the operating system deployment."

The key word here is "assigned": the task sequence will connect to the assigned MP, not the proxy MP. Other documentation regarding secondary sites and proxy MPs explicitly mentions the fact that clients will contact proxy MPs to request policy, send inventory data etc. Technically, a system running an OS deployment task sequence isn’t a client yet, or at least not until the actual Configuration Manager client is installed. At that point the client does start communicating with the proxy MP. The fact that the computer connects to the primary site’s MP while running the task sequence is considered not to be a problem. It would be if the computer also connected to the parent site’s distribution point (DP) instead of the local, secondary site’s DP (if present), but this is not the case.

Michiel Overweel | Senior Support Engineer