Solution: Vista SP1 Installations Deployed Using Operating System Deployment Cannot Hibernate


The folks over on the Configuration Manager team blog have a great post on how to resolve an issue we’re seeing where Vista SP1 installations deployed using OSD may not be able to hibernate.  If you’re deploying Windows Vista Service Pack 1 using OSD then you’ll definitely want to check out the script they posted that addresses this issue:


When the Configuration Manager 2007 operating system deployment feature is used to deploy a Vista SP1 image, a new boot configuration data (BCD) store is created using the BCD template.  Configuration Manager 2007 explicitly creates the Boot Manger and Operating System objects from the BCD template, but allows the Resume object to be created implicitly by Windows Vista when it goes through mini-setup.  Vista SP1 correctly generates the Resume object during mini-setup but the associated Resume settings objects are not generated. Because there are no Resume settings objects, hibernate functionality does not work.


To resolve this issue, run the following script on Vista SP1 computers deployed using Configuration Manager 2007 operating system deployment to create the missing Resume settings objects.  To run the script type the following at a command prompt:

cscript.exe /nologo scriptname.vbs

This script can be deployed in two scenarios:

  • Run as part of the Vista SP1 deployment: Incorporate the script into the operating system deployment task sequence as a Run Command Line step once the new operating system is installed.
  • Run after Vista SP installation: Incorporate the script into a software distribution package/program and then advertise it to existing computers previously deployed with Vista SP1 using Configuration Manager 2007 SP1.

To continue reading and to download the script visit

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer