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Are you looking for a forum or newsgroup where you can get help with ConfigMgr?  Want to know what the latest downloads are?  How about troubleshooting information, webcasts and whitepapers?  Need to contact support?  All this and a whole lot more can all be found at the System Center Configuration Manager TechCenter:



The Library has a complete set of documentation on everything you ever wanted to know about ConfigMgr:



On the Learn tab you'll find information on training resources, webcasts, events and more:



Downloads has all the latest updates and services packs:



The Support tab lets you search the KB, browse forums and has information for how to contact Microsoft support:



Last but not least, the Community tab has forum details, blog info and MVPs:


I talk to a lot of people who work with ConfigMgr every day but have never heard of our TechCenter, yet in my opinion it's the single best ConfigMgr resource on the web.  If you're a ConfigMgr admin then this is definitely one site you'll want to add to your Favorites.

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “I talk to a lot of people who work with ConfigMgr every day but have never heard of our TechCenter

  2. Anonymous says:

    For the most part this site (which I just discovered) seems mostly "over-my-head". I’m not a formally trained IT person, I’m mostly self-taught about computer issues. However, I have completed a series of voc. classes pertaining to "computer maintenance & Repair as I was getting my A.A. degree in community college. I was unable to complete the full 4-years at the U.S.C.G. Academy many years ago (only made it through three and failed five courses during that time) so I did not make the cut for graduation. My initial exposure to Fortran scared me away from computers for many years but after surviving a small airplane crash in the early ’90s I decided to try an get re-acquainted while undergoing an extended rehabilitation period. I bought some DOS books, completed a voc. course for AutoCAD and now I love computers. But I’m not "programmer-material" and I consider what I know to be just enough to be dangereous to myself and my systems if I don’t exercise extreme caution. I like to learn as much as opportunity allows regarding the use and general system managment (system configuration, managment and security issues). I hope this site will help me.

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