How Configuration Manager uses User Voice.

Many of you know the ConfigMgr product team is using User Voice.

Let me give a little clarity in how we are using the status markings. Out of the box, UV doesn’t have the same status markings that we use for our internal work tracking tools.  For now, UV is limited to the following status values: “Noted”, “Planned”, “Started”, and “Completed”.   There are a couple others, but we are mostly sticking to those values.   One of the things we had to decide, is when to move UV Ideas from one state to another?  Those values are already quite vague and squishy.  Also, we want to be careful of falling into the trap of over-commitment features that are too far down the road.   So this is what we’ve decided:

  1. Noted – we understand the request, and it makes sense. We’ve added it onto our backlog somewhere.
  2. Planned – we’ve started coding for this, and expect it to show up in a tech preview build within the next couple of months
  3. Started – It is NOW in a tech preview. Go check it out, and give us feedback. Let us know if we are on the right track. You can even put the feedback in the comment section of the UV request, for others to see and comment on. We’ll read that and use the feedback to try to improve the feature.
  4. Completed – The first version of the feature is in a Production build. This doesn’t mean we are 100% done with the feature, and will no longer improve it. But it does mean that V1 of the features is in a production build, and you can start using it for real. We are making it completed because (1) we want you to know it is production ready, and (2) we want to give UV votes back so you can use them on other items. You can even file new DCRs to this feature to help us know the next most important improvement for this feature.

So there you have it… that’s our UV decoder ring.   A couple implications… most things will stay marked “Noted”, until they are 1-2 months from us being ready to show them to you.  Once they hit planned, they should probably go from Planned -> Started -> Completed fairly quickly.

Given these definitions, I’ve updated the following UV items to be inline with these definitions:

Conditional Access for ConfigMgr

Patch O365 

Upgrade Site Server OS 

Non-OSD Task Sequences

Client online status

Right click actions


Cluster Patching 

HTTP image download 

Tiles in Software Center

Refresh Policy from Software Center

Extend 2008/R2 support for DPs

On-prem ConfigMgr

TFTP window size

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