SCCM 2012 Beta 2: setupdl.exe doesn’t launch

Had an annoying one this afternoon. While trying to install the new (ish) SCCM 2012 Beta 2 the Updated Prerequisite Components wizard wouldn’t download the prereqs. I was able to run the setupdl.exe manually, but still when providing the prereq path to the Updated Prerequisite Components wizards it would still fail. <04-28-2011 14:38:50> INFO: setupdl.exe:… Read more

Custom WinPE Boot Image Script

I’m on a scripting rampage at the moment writing tools for the common things I do for each customer. Here’s my latest script. This powershell script will: – Check for prereqs (WAIK, DISM) – Builds the WinPE dev environment (in either x86 or x64) – Mounts the WIM – Prompts to install non-default WinPE packages… Read more

USMT Test Environment Setup Script

I’ve been working hard lately on the various USMT migration scenarios using SCCM with hardlinking and State Migration Points. One of the frustrating things during this process is creating ‘user state’. Creating user state for your test migrations is important as you need to ensure that your testing covers the regular places that users will… Read more

IIS LogParser – Hits in last 7 Days

Here’s an IIS LogParser query I’ve written that will output the top hits for your website within the last 7 days. All you need to do is change the path of the log file location: SELECT COUNT(*) AS Hits, cs-uri-stem AS Page FROM D:LogFilePat*.* WHERE TO_DATE(Date) >= TO_DATE(SUB(SYSTEM_TIMESTAMP(), TO_TIMESTAMP(’01-07′, ‘MM-dd’))) GROUP BY cs-uri-stem ORDER BY… Read more

IIS ODBC Logging Event ID 1016 (error data 80070057)

“The World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW Service) did not configure logging for site X. The data field contains the error number.” This warning will show up in your System event logs and you custom IIS logging to a SQL database won’t work. Obviously the message is fairly cryptic, however in a facepalm sort of… Read more

PowerShell: Remove Files based on date

I’ve had the need to remove a bunch of differential backup images from my backup server for a short while now – and thought this was the perfect opportunity to crack into powershell. I’m going to post the script and run through the important parts: dir C:BACKUP -recurse -exclude SERVER1,SERVER2,SERVER3,SERVER4,SERVER1.IMG,SERVER2.IMG,SERVER3.IMG,SERVER4.IMG,FileClean.PS1 | where { ((get-date)-$_.creationTime).days -ge… Read more

Changing Company Wide AD mapped Home Drives

This is a quick and easy way to change all of your users mapped home drives without manually editing every user. This is really helpful if your migrating to a new file server. dsquery user “OU=XYZStaff,OU=XYZOU2,OU=XYZOU1,dc=XYZCorp,dc=local” | dsmod user -hmdrv Z -hmdir \XYZ-FileServerStaff$USERNAME$ Simply, the dsquery grabs all of the user accounts in the XYZStaff… Read more

Audit User Logon and Logoff

A quick and easy way to audit your users login times (and some other details) is by using this simple login script method. Firstly, you need to build two .BAT file scripts and save them to some sort of Audit share on a server. (I suggest hiding the share with the $ so users can’t… Read more

Deploying Office 2007 Compatibility pack via Group Policy

Since Microsoft released 2007 and the new .*x file format there have been some compatibility problems – sure you can save your documents in the “old” 2003 format – but you loose some of the extra functionality available for 2007 users. Microsoft released an installer to resolve these problems allowing 2003 users to open 2007… Read more