The Ultimate Intune Setup Guide – Stage 5: Enrol Your Devices (Windows Phone 8.1)

  Now that we’ve got our ConfigMgr and Intune environments speaking nicely to each other, we can start to enrol some devices. We’ll enrol a Windows Phone 8.1, an iOS Device and an Android Device. Windows Phone 8.1 Enrolment On your Windows Phone, display all apps and select Settings Under the default System view, select… Read more

Enable Windows Phone management via Intune without Symantec Certificate

  As part of my mega-post The Ultimate Intune Setup Guide, we enable the Mobile Device Management capabilities in ConfigMgr. One of the supported devices that we didn’t enable was the Windows Phone 8.1 management. The reason for this is the requirement of the Symantec code signing certificate, which needs to be purchased before we… Read more