Connecting to Exchange Online with PowerShell

Really quick one for y’all today. Working with Intune, I’ve found myself becoming a bit of an Exchange SME. Blocking email, authentication types, EAS vs EWS, the list goes on. Anyway, I find myself having to query Exchange Online configuration all the time. Here’s a three line PowerShell script that will connect you to your… Read more

PowerShell to query Intune Health Dashboard

A couple of months ago, we moved the Intune health status data from the dashboard into the Office 365 Health Dashboard. We believe the experience is much better, having health information targeted at your tenants region and wrapped up into the overall Office 365 portal. It also means we can use the Microsoft Online… Read more

Enable or Disable Incremental Collection Updates via PowerShell

Hi Gang. Here is a couple of functions I’ve written to enable or disable Incremental Collection updates by Collection Name or Collection ID. Enable via Collection ID Enable-IncrementalUpdates -CollectionID PRI0000C Enable via Collection Name Enable-IncrementalUpdates –CollectionName “CU Deployment”  Disable via Collection ID Disable-IncrementalUpdates -CollectionID PRI0000C Disable via Collection Name Disable-IncrementalUpdates –CollectionName “CU Deployment”  I’ve also added an optional parameter to specify… Read more

I Wrote An App – Azure Status Alerts

While studying for the 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam (of which I passed!), I found it very easy to get distracted. The major distraction was my attempt to write a very basic .NET Azure Web App. My app is a very simple one. It has three functions: 1. Manage Subscribers I’m using… Read more

PowerShell ISE Add-On to connect to ConfigMgr (Connect-ConfigMgr)

Man, I’ve been on a PowerShell rampage lately! It always drove me crazy loading the PowerShell Module for ConfigMgr. First, you had to find the path of the AdminConsole\bin directory and then remember the name of the psd1 module file. Finally, you had to remember the site code of the site you normally work with…. Read more

DPUpgradeThreadLimit Modification

I’ve recently spent some time with a customer deploying a large amount of Distribution Points in their ConfigMgr 2012 R2 hierarchy. They were finding themselves running into bottlenecks during the deployment, and with the help of the ConfigMgr Product Group, a new Site Control File property modification is now being supported. Distribution point installations or… Read more

Script to remind Office 365 users to enrol their device to InTune

When I have a little downtime (which isn’t often!), I like to sit around and think of cool things I can automate using PowerShell. I have a .txt file that I put all these ideas into and every now and then have a crack at solving one. Just recently I was playing around with Office… Read more

WMI / Powershell and the Configuration Manager Client

A bit about me first :- my name is Anthony Watherston and I’m a Premier Field Engineer in Melbourne. Currently working with Configuration Manager and Orchestrator – plus I try to do everything I can with Powershell! Last week I had a need for accessing the Configuration Manager client on a remote system. As this… Read more

TechEd Australia 2013 – PowerShell for ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 Content

Update: here is the video of my session (link below for full resolution video)  Hello ConfigMgrDogs community. I’ve just completed my TechEd 2013 presentation – PowerShell for ConfigMgr 2012 SP1. For those who weren’t attending the event, I’ve provided all scripts and cmdlets from the session. In the coming weeks there will also be… Read more

Creating Lab Computer Objects

So I’m getting my preparation done for TechEd 2013 on the Gold Coast and needed to fill my ConfigMgr hierarchy with some dummy computer objects. My session being PowerShell for ConfigMgr 2012 SP1, of course I went straight to PowerShell to do the work for me.  I’m not looking for anything too special; 1000 laptops,… Read more