Enabling BranchCache for Configuration Manager using Client Settings

Since Configuration Manager current branch, version 1606 it has been possible to enable BranchCache on clients using Client Settings. Previously, to enable BranchCache an administrator would need to configure BranchCache for clients using command line tools or Group Policy. To use BranchCache with Configuration Manager, the following prerequisites must be met: Distribution Point; Cloud Distribution… Read more

Setting up Wi-Fi Profiles with Certificate-based Authentication on Android via Intune Hybrid and the Case of the Missing Wi-Fi Certificate

I was recently at a customer that was having trouble getting their user certificate to be used for the corporate Wi-Fi profile on Android devices. When checking the user certificates in settings the user certificate only showed up under “user” while “Wi-Fi” was empty. After a device is enrolled, it begins to download policy. Once… Read more

Update to Supersedence Behaviour for Security Only and Security Monthly Quality Rollup Updates

Further to my recent post about Changes to Software Updates on Down Level Operating Systems for ConfigMgr Admins there has been some changes to how the updates are superseded based on feedback for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012 R2. The official update is explained here… Read more

Configuration Manager Proxy Exceptions

This post provides a summary of the URLs required for Configuration Manager current branch to provide resources that require Internet access. Because Configuration Manager relies on other components, it can be difficult to find a single source of URLs required. Software Updates rely on Windows Server Updates Services (WSUS) and the Service Connection Point uses Intune… Read more

Changes to Software Updates on Down Level Operating Systems for ConfigMgr Admins

Back in May, Microsoft started on a journey of simplifying and improving servicing for Operating Systems prior to Windows 10. These changes apply to Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. References: More on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 servicing changes A Bit About the Windows Servicing Model Configuration… Read more

View Connected Configuration Manager Console Information

Beginning with Configuration Manager current branch, version 1602 it is now possible to see a list of active connected Configuration Manager consoles. At this stage there is no built in way of seeing historical information, but you could archive the information periodically using PowerShell if that is the sort of information you are looking for…. Read more

Configuration Manager 1511, 1602, 1606 (Current Branch) Supported Configurations

One problem with dropping the year from our product name (it’s System Center Configuration Manager now) is that it can be tricky to search for documentation! One page I visit almost weekly is the Supported Configurations page. Here is the landing page for the ConfigMgr Current Branch (CB) Supported Configurations https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt589499.aspx Here is the page… Read more

Intune and Configuration Manager UserVoice Launched

Hello All, Very brief post today. The ConfigMgr and Intune team has formally released their own UserVoice pages to receive feedback and bugs from customers and the field. https://configurationmanager.uservoice.com/ https://microsoftintune.uservoice.com/ For any potential bugs, we still suggest raising a Premier Support call, as these are often the fastest and most reliable way of getting bug… Read more

Enable or Disable Incremental Collection Updates via PowerShell

Hi Gang. Here is a couple of functions I’ve written to enable or disable Incremental Collection updates by Collection Name or Collection ID. Enable via Collection ID Enable-IncrementalUpdates -CollectionID PRI0000C Enable via Collection Name Enable-IncrementalUpdates –CollectionName “CU Deployment”  Disable via Collection ID Disable-IncrementalUpdates -CollectionID PRI0000C Disable via Collection Name Disable-IncrementalUpdates –CollectionName “CU Deployment”  I’ve also added an optional parameter to specify… Read more

The Ultimate Intune Setup Guide – Stage 5: Enrol Your Devices (Windows 8.1)

  Now that we’ve got our ConfigMgr and Intune environments speaking nicely to each other, we can start to enrol some devices. I’ve previously enrolled Windows Phone 8.1, iOS and Android devices. I finally wanted to show that you can also enrol a full Windows 8.1 installation. First, logon to your Windows 8.1 machine and… Read more