Install Firefox v52 Extended Support Release to continue managing Intune Silverlight console

With version 52 of Mozilla Firefox released, the default installation has disabled support for NPAPI plugins. This means you will no longer be able to administer Microsoft Intune via the Firefox browser. Thankfully, Mozilla do have an Extended Support Release (ESR) version. So to continue to use Mozilla Firefox to manage Microsoft Intune Silverlight,… Read more

Configuration Manager Slow SQL query times

Hi all, a few months back I was running an assessment and found an issue that identified the cause of some slow SQL query performance on Configuration Manager. An article has been released in regards to both SQL 2014 and SQL 2016 that shows Configuration Manager may run better when the site database is configured… Read more

Setting up Wi-Fi Profiles with Certificate-based Authentication on Android via Intune Hybrid and the Case of the Missing Wi-Fi Certificate

I was recently at a customer that was having trouble getting their user certificate to be used for the corporate Wi-Fi profile on Android devices. When checking the user certificates in settings the user certificate only showed up under “user” while “Wi-Fi” was empty. After a device is enrolled, it begins to download policy. Once… Read more

Application Fails to Install with Error Code 0x87D00443(-2016410557)

Trying to install an application via Software Center and receveing error code 0x87D00443(-2016410557)? You are probably using the new running apps detection available in Configuration Mangaer Technical Preview 1701 or 1702. The new error code indicates that a the Application cannot install because the deployment type for the Application has been configured to require certain… Read more

Connecting to Exchange Online with PowerShell

Really quick one for y’all today. Working with Intune, I’ve found myself becoming a bit of an Exchange SME. Blocking email, authentication types, EAS vs EWS, the list goes on. Anyway, I find myself having to query Exchange Online configuration all the time. Here’s a three line PowerShell script that will connect you to your… Read more