View Connected Configuration Manager Console Information

Beginning with Configuration Manager current branch, version 1602 it is now possible to see a list of active connected Configuration Manager consoles. At this stage there is no built in way of seeing historical information, but you could archive the information periodically using PowerShell if that is the sort of information you are looking for…. Read more

ARM Template to deploy Technical Preview

This post introduces two topics which are all the rage at the moment – Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates and Desired State Configuration (DSC). As I get tired of building demo labs for technical preview releases I decided to automate the build of a simple lab in Azure. You can read more about ARM templates… Read more

Blocking Apps on iOS with Intune

A very (very) common ask from our customers is whether or not we can whitelist/blacklist apps on iOS devices. From iOS 9.3, Apple made this option available for all Supervised devices, exposing it via the SDK and Apple Configurator. Microsoft Intune now supports the ability to allow/block individual apps via the Show or Hide Apps… Read more