Associating your Intune DirSync Directory with your Azure tenant

Cloud identity is one of the core features and benefits of using the Azure platform. Fortunately, Microsoft Intune uses the same back end to store your users cloud identities. This guide is for admins who have setup and configured DirSync for Intune, and want to retroactively add that synchronized domain to their organizations Azure tenant…. Read more

The Ultimate Intune Setup Guide – Stage 2: Configure Your Public Domain

We started The Ultimate Intune Setup Guide by signing up to the Intune service in the previous post.  This post we’re going to configure the Public DNS required for your public Intune service to work for your clients. Step 1 – Add your public domain to the Azure Management Portal First, open your browser and visit… Read more

Different scenarios for using Prestaged content

  Hi All, Late last year I had a request from one of my customers to look into the different behaviours of prestaged content. I've summarised and shown examples of the results below which will hopefully be of benefit to some of you.   Scenario 1) If I have content already successfully distributed to a… Read more

ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Certificate Requirements and HTTPS configuration

We have had a number of recent requests from our customers on the certificate requirements and configuration steps required to configure HTTPS communication in a ConfigMgr 2012 environment. I would like to give a massive thank you to Ravi Kalwani, a member of the ANZ Microsoft ConfigMgr Premier Field Engineering (PFE) team who put this… Read more

PowerShell Script to Create and Link Schedules in Azure Automation

    Hi All, Lately I've been playing with Azure automation and needed to create schedules to kick off Runbooks at certain times of the day. Rather than doing this manually I decided to just write a simple PowerShell script to create these for me automatically, since I may need to do this task again… Read more

PowerShell ISE Add-On to connect to ConfigMgr (Connect-ConfigMgr)

Man, I’ve been on a PowerShell rampage lately! It always drove me crazy loading the PowerShell Module for ConfigMgr. First, you had to find the path of the AdminConsole\bin directory and then remember the name of the psd1 module file. Finally, you had to remember the site code of the site you normally work with…. Read more