Automate your Monthly Maintenance Windows

  Hi All, A lot of customers I visit create their maintenance windows on  a monthly basis to patch servers, which is a boring and mundane task. I've dabbled in creating scripts with the help of some other PFE’s in the past but I recently created a very nice Dynamic PowerShell script that allows the… Read more

Creating Intune Trial via Office 365 Portal

Late last month we disabled the old Intune Account portal ( and replaced it with the o365 portal ( See for the formal announcement. Since the change, there has been some confusion around how to create an Intune trial tenant. This guide should clear up each step required. First, browse to the Microsoft Intune… Read more

Where is The System Center Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library

      Hi all, just a quick post today.  I found it difficult to find the location of the latest cmdlet updates for the Configuration Manager  PowerShell module while doing a general search on the web. What we now have is The System Center Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library which checks for library updates on… Read more

So you want to test your NDES/SCEP certificate enrollment?

SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) and NDES (Network Device Enrollment Service) are the mechanisms we currently use to deploy certificates to our mobile devices via Intune and Configuration Manager. The tech is very (very) cool, but for the average ConfigMgr admin it’s got quite a steep learning curve. Once you (kinda) understand how it all… Read more

Where the heck are my Android Web Apps?!

  When I deploy web apps to Android devices they never show up in the Apps list. Where the heck are they!?   Intune Web Apps are basic URL shortcuts that are delivered to Intune managed devices. They’re great for dropping links on devices to your Intranet, your favourite SaaS web portal or that website… Read more

Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES) – ERROR_SERVICE_EXISTS

Ran into this doozy this week while trying to re-add the NDES role services. The specified service already exists. 0x80070431 (WIN32: 1073 ERROR_SERVICE_EXISTS) The fix is to ensure there are no lingering NDES configuration. From Regedit, delete the following key (back it up first!) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography\MSCEP Matt Shadbolt… Read more

Starting NDES Services (Device Registration Service) Fails with “object does not exist”

I ran into this issue when configuring SCEP/NDES certificate registration for an Intune tenant. Following all the best practice configuration steps, left me with an SCEP enrollment page returning Internal Server Error 500 instead of the expected 200. I found that the Device Registration Service was not starting correctly. In the event logs I found it… Read more

System Center Endpoint Protection for Windows Server 2003

A quick reminder that Windows Server 2003 is coming to end of life and will be unsupported after July 14 2015 – a mere 20 days away. While your Server 2003 OS will continue to run it is important to note that for people using System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) for antivirus – definition updates… Read more

Intune and Configuration Manager UserVoice Launched

Hello All, Very brief post today. The ConfigMgr and Intune team has formally released their own UserVoice pages to receive feedback and bugs from customers and the field. For any potential bugs, we still suggest raising a Premier Support call, as these are often the fastest and most reliable way of getting bug… Read more

Enable or Disable Incremental Collection Updates via PowerShell

Hi Gang. Here is a couple of functions I’ve written to enable or disable Incremental Collection updates by Collection Name or Collection ID. Enable via Collection ID Enable-IncrementalUpdates -CollectionID PRI0000C Enable via Collection Name Enable-IncrementalUpdates –CollectionName “CU Deployment”  Disable via Collection ID Disable-IncrementalUpdates -CollectionID PRI0000C Disable via Collection Name Disable-IncrementalUpdates –CollectionName “CU Deployment”  I’ve also added an optional parameter to specify… Read more