Migrating App-V Packages– "OSD file defines incompatible OS requirements”

Ran into an interesting issue while trying to migrate some App-V Applications from ConfigMgr 2007 to 2012 SP1. Most of the App-V packages migrated fine, however a few of them reported an error “OSD file defines incompatible OS requirements” After taking a look at the OSD file, according to this list all of the OS version… Read more

Supported AV clients for SCEP to automatically remove

I’ve just spent a frustrating 10 minutes searching bing/google for the list of the supported anti-virus programs that SCEP (System Center Endpoint Protection) can automatically uninstall. So to save my scalp for a future hair pulling, I thought I’d blog the list so I can find it quickly next time. Hopefully bing/google will index this… Read more