ConfigMgr Powershell scripts presented at Houston PFE Tech Day

As promised during #HoustonTechDay, I have uploaded the Powershell scripts that I presented.  Disclaimer: All of my scripts are a continual “work in progress” so please always test in a lab to determine if you get the desired results.  As such, if you do find any bugs, issues, or have some ideas for enhancing these scripts, feel free to let me know so I can correct them.

Thanks to all who attended the event!

InventoryCapture – Capture client hardware/software inventory or heartbeat before they upload to the management point, and output to CSV files for review

DPPing – Determine ICMP latency between clients and the distribution points within their boundary

PatchTuesdayDeploymentCreator – Create dynamic deployments based on a number of days after Patch Tuesday

RemoveExpiredUpdatesFromallGroups – Remove all expired software updates from all software update groups

MaintWindowCreate – Create dynamic maintenance windows based on a number of days after Patch Tuesday

DPMonRedist – Uses a status filter rule automatically redistribute a package to a distribution point which has generated a content validation failed message.

DPContentFix – Prompts for which distribution point to check, enumerates all packages and which distribution points they’re distributed to, and compares the two results.  The “Fix” button will initiate a redistribute on the selected package or packages.

ComputerImporter – Allows technicians who don’t have the ConfigMgr admin console installed the ability to import new devices into specified collection.

I also HIGHLY recommend checking out MVP David OBrien’s CM12 documentation builder script which is extremely cool.  Another very cool script I recommend checking out is Nikolaj Andersen’s Configuration Manager 2012 Prerequisites tool.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my tool Russ!

  2. Christian Schroeder says:

    This is great. Thanks.

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