What’s new for Transporter Suite in regards to Lotus Domino in the July 2008 Release.

What's new for Transporter Suite in regards to Lotus Domino in the July 2008 Release.

Download the Suite from here -> http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=35FC4205-792B-4306-8E4B-0DE9CCE72172&displaylang=en


Customers have been asking what's new or updated ? Below is the list based on customer feedback and our continued improvement in our products.


Domino User Migration (Move-DominoUser Cmdlet)

Address matching

·         Improved support for interoperability with ILM


Alias handling

·         Additional periods in alias are replaced with underscore after migration


Multi-domain replication issue

·         User migration fails with duplicate proxy address caused by RUS and move-dominouser DC concurrency.


Custom attributes

·         Custom Attributes now preserved from DirSync contacts


Domino Mail Migration (Move- DominoMailbox Cmdlet)

BCC recipients

·         Bcc: recipients now preserved


Attachment handling & text alignment

·          Improved Attachment handling

·          Improved handling of Hebrew text


Recurring Meetings & Appointments

·         Better logic for maintaining parent-child relationship of recurring meetings

·         Addressed issues with preserving Meeting Organizer role

·         Relationship between meeting organizer and meeting attendee now preserved

·         Improved handling for yearly recurring appointments and all day events

Domino Group Migration (Move-DominoGroup)

Better extraction support

·         Better default handling for non-default names.nsf templates

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