Alternative way of migrating Document Library

I’ve been testing the scenarios for applications migration and one of the testing areas was application data mapping.  Today I’d like to talk about alternative migration of Notes Document Library databases.

The default target for Notes Document Library is a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Document Library list. However this is not the only way to go and our new Transporter tool allows us to migrate Notes Document Library to SharePoint Discussion Boards list.  This will be useful when preserving the hierarchy of the Notes Document Library is important, since the hierarchy from the Notes document library will be preserved after migrating it to a Windows SharePoint Server 3.0 Discussion Board.

To do this type of alternative migration from GUI the customer will have to select Target Mapping “Discussion Board” when migrating Notes Document Library database. In the command line it would look like this:

Move-DominoApplication –SourceIdentity DocLib.nsf –TargetMapping DiscussionBoard –TargetSharePointList “My SharePoint Discussions”

-Ruslan Babadzhanov

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