Microsoft Transporter Suite For Lotus Domino Release – On Valentine’s Day !

Today we release the Microsoft Transporter Suite 2007 for Lotus Domino.  It is publically available for download at  Customers, Partners and consultants can download the released product immediately and begin using these tools to transition from Domino to the Microsoft 2007 collaboration platform.


Personally, I would like to thank all the partners, customers, and consultants that made the beta program such a success.  Even though the program was very short, we had a record number of participants with overwhelming feedback.  This feedback was valuable in tuning the final released product.


Finally, I thought it was fitting to ship on Valentine’s day.  What is more romantic than a pair of PowerShell tasks that can automatically migrate data elements into Active-Directory, SharePoint or Exchange. 


PS1> Get-DominoUser | Move-DominoUser   -TrueLove:$True




P.S. We will continue to blog here and feel free to use this for feedback to our group about these tools.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft released last week Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino 2007 . This tool is used for interoperability

  2. NBlogger says:

    JGSwanson;  A simular error was reported last month through PSS and a fix is in the works. I would recomend working through the PSS channel to validate that this is the same problem, and if so then a fix is being worked on.  You also can try to filter out content (such as meetings or old mail) to narrow down the item causing the problem.


  3. NBlogger says:

    RE: mdaitc

    Are you talking about sending messages over SMTP from Domino to Exchange or are you talking about migrating messages from Domino to Exchange?  We’ve done a lot of header testing in migration and haven’t seen blank from: fields.  This is not an expected problem.

    re: jrawson

    We specifically did a lot of testing about migrating user created folders and didn’t have problems.  If you’re seeing a problem in this area, it’s not expected.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this a total replacement for the 2006 "Application Transporter" or is there some overlap? For purposes of this question I’m only interested in migrating *applications*, not email or users.



  5. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to get Lotus Notes mail folders to migrate.  The only mail items that migrate are those in the Inbox and Sent Items.  Any additional folders seem to be skipped.  Is this a known issue?  Any resolution?

  6. NBlogger says:

    Since these tools are released you can go through PSS.  Also you can post your problem here and we will respond.


  7. NBlogger says:

    Have you installed the tools on the SharePoint server?  From this error it appears that the tools can not initiate the SharePoint API.


  8. NBlogger says:

    Hi Alb, thanks for your question.  To answer your question, yes you can migrate to a custom WSS list (that you’ve created from SharePoint Designer or any other method).  You can do this via the UI by select GenericList in the TargetMapping parameter.  From the Transporter Command Shell, this would be the type of command you could execute:

    Move-DominoApplication -SourceIdentity Custom.nsf -TargetMapping GenericList -TargetSharePointList "MyCustomList"

    I hope this helps you.

    – Ed

    Program Manager

  9. mdaitc says:


    i’m encountering a problem where when moving mail accross from Domino to Exchange, messages are transferred correctly. However, the From field is not displayed in the message listing in Outlook, but when doing a "reply" the field is present and the address used.

    Just wondering if this was expected or not?


  10. NBlogger says:

    Since these tools are released you can go through PSS.  Also you can post your problem here and we will respond.


  11. Anonymous says:

    I have been trying to use this tool for the last couple of days without success. Who and how can I contact someone for help.

  12. Anonymous says:

    We’re trying to migrate mailboxes from Notes to Exchange 2007. We only want to migrate the mailboxes from Notes to existing users in our new Exchange environment. Is this possible? I havent’t found a way that does this. When I try to use the manual migrate with AD lookup I get error-msg that the user doesn’t exist, but it does. Do you have any examples of scripts that does the work I want to be done or any other guidlines along the way?

    What permissions is needed on the Notes-side to perform just the move-mailbox ?



  13. Anonymous says:

    I have been trying to use the tool for the last couple of days, and have not had any success in migrating any mail. Who and how can I contact someone for help on these issues.



  14. asardi says:

    I found that I can migrate automatically Domino custom Data centric applications (cat.3) if the application matches with one of the 40 public Sharepoint Templates. What can I do if there is no a template for my Domino application? Can I create a custom Sharepint Template using a tool a SharePoint Designer and then migrate the application?



  15. Anonymous says:

    You guys said mid Feb and delivered right now time. Congrats! Do you have a timeframe for step examples for SMTP routing with Notes and Exchange 2007?


  16. NBlogger says:

    Thanks, it was good to get it released yesterday.  We are working on some white-papers (as we did last year) around this area.  Also we should blog about it here.  If you have specific questions please ask them here and I will see that we address thoes.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Does the tool do migrations of Distribution Lists or Personal Address Lists that live in the Notes/Domino environment?

  18. Anonymous says:

    We set the Tranporter Suite up as indicated to use for application migration only. We can access our Domino databases but are receiving an error message when migrating into SharePoint.


    Failed to find Sharepoint server for URL:

    Does this have anything to do with SharePoint security access? I am set up with Full Control via AD but not as the Site Collection Administrator.

    I would appreciate any direction on this.

  19. Anonymous says:

    When I try to Migrate a Lotus Notes mailbox I get the following error. The mailbox gets created but no folders or mail come across.



    Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

    Parameter name: index

  20. Anonymous says:

    is it possible to customize directory connector? one example: On exchange My user has several SMTP address:

    My custom recpient in Notes(created by the connector) has only Is it possible to change this?

  21. mdaitc says:

    migrating messages from Domino to Exchange using the transport management console.

    It’s strange, the from field is there when looking at the message – when using reply, the address appears. Just in the actual folder listing the messages the from field isn’t displayed.

    The 2003 Exchange migration wizard for lotus migrated it fine..

  22. NBlogger says:

    Re:  From Field

    We investigated why you would be seeing this issue and we believe we know the cause.  We’re working on a fix and will get it out as soon as we can.

    Re:  Migrate to existing accounts

    For mailbox migration, we expect that you’ve done a directory migration on the mailboxes that you’re migrating.  Part of what the directory migration does is it stamps the target user with a Notes proxy address (and an SMTP proxy address, if there’s an Internet Address specified in Notes), and then we use those proxies to definitively match two users.  If you want to force that match, you can manually stamp the target mailbox with the proxy of the Domino user whose mailbox you want to migrate.  In the mail migration, if you don’t specify a target mailbox database for us to create mailboxes on, we won’t create any mailboxes.

    Re:  PABs and Distribution lists:

    Not yet.  Stay tuned.

  23. NBlogger says:

    More of an ‘Upgrade’ vs a replacement.  The 2006 Application transporter is designed to work with WSS v2 where-as the new tools work with SharePoint 2007.  So if you have an older version of SharePoint you should use the old tools.  (Same on the messaging side, we will contiune to have the 2003 version of the mail tools foe Exchange 2003.)


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