What’s new in the transport stack of the Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino ?

There isn’t transport stack in the Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino. We have switched the transport stack from using the Exchange Development Kit Gateway from the Connector for Lotus Notes which was available in Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 to using SMTP  between Domino and Exchange. Yes, you read it right, SMTP, this means no more MFCMAPI/GWCLIENT to check out the MTS-IN and MTS-OUT on the Connector Server or exchange.box/exchange.bad on the Domino server.


The key reasons were to increase performance and reliability between the two messaging systems using a standard industry protocol. It also takes advantage of the iCAL format when sending and receiving meeting request information between the two messaging systems.


Currently we have tested and supported two methodologies for deploying this strategy in your environment. The first methodology is using sub domains within a single domain, for instance Contoso.com would route between the two systems by using exchange.contoso.com for Exchange and domino.contoso.com for Domino. The second methodology is if the domains were different, such as an acquisition scenario,  contoso.com buys litware.com and they only need to synchronize information and send/receive e-mail. With both of the previous scenarios you use the same options in Exchange and Domino. In Exchange you will be using the configuration options for Send and Receive Connectors, Remote Domains, and E-mail Address policy. In Domino you will be using the configuration option for Foreign SMTP Domain Document and Connection Documents. This is all SMTP routing based, the majority of this is documented in our help file within the Transporter Suite documentation. Based on feedback from the beta, we will be working to write some more specific scenarios in an upcoming document. More information can be found about SMTP routing from the two web sources listed here:

Microsoft Exchange 2007- http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb124558.aspx

Lotus Domino -IBM

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  1. NBlogger says:

    There is not a KB base yet since these are new however the E12 webservice URL would be a good first one. (We are seeing this by several customers in the beta.)

    Anyway, the problem is usually either a mis-configured AutoDiscovery service or CAS server.  We use the Exchantge AutoDiscover service to find the Exchange CAS server.  We then use the Exchange CAS server as our entry point to migrate the mailbox to Exchange.  If AutoDiscover is misconfigured it will not be able to give us a CAS server, or if the CAS server is mis-configured we can not connect.  Both result in this error.

    To fix this:

    A> Make sure that the Exchange WebServices is configured correctly.  You can use ExBPA or PowerShell Scripts (See: Test-WebServicesConnectivity or Test-OWAConnectivity)

    B> Make sure that you have the right permissions. (You need to setup Impersonation on each CAS server.  Follow the documentation on setting this up)

    C> Finally (Not available in the beta) you can use the Move-DominoMailbox with the parameter -TargetCASServer that will direct you to a specific location for migration.  This new parameter will be available in the final product when we ship.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very interested to see this documentation as soon as it is available. Your scenario with the single domain and 2 sub-domains is relevant to us. Am I right in assuming you set the foreign domain for the domino directory connector to exchange.contoso.com, that then appends onto the end of the internet address in the forwarding address field of the person document in Notes and a foreign smtp domain doc for domain Exchange.contoso.com is created? Is there a rough date for the RTM of transporter by the way?

  3. Anonymous says:

    How to: Install Exchange 2007 Management Tools for Windows Vista Look out BlackBerry, Palm is back Moving

  4. NBlogger says:

    You are correct.  As for the RTM… Within the next week.  We are closing out the final test passes and reviewing final comments in the beta program.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Is there a knowledge base for transporter yet.

    or a beta user community.

    I am getting a wierd error

    "could not retrieve E12 webservice url"

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